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Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light
Solar Street Light


Concept Engineers is a Leading Solar Street Lights Manufacturer In Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. We offer a wide range of Solar Street lights with different capacities of Power and battery storage. We successfully installed hundreds of Solar street lights in societies and industries. It is 0 maintenance and has eco-friendly solar lights. You can buy it from us in Coimbatore. Solar Street light automatically turns ON/OFF depending on the light intensity. Light is switched ON when darkness is detected and is switched OFF when light is detected. This feature helps to save human and material resources.

Solar radiation falls on Photovoltaic Cell, which converts sunlight directly into electricity. A solar PV cell consists of semiconducting material that absorbs sunlight. Solar energy knocks electrons looser from their atoms, allowing them to flow through the material to produce electricity. PV cells are typically combined into modules. These modules are mounted in PV arrays. PV arrays can be used to generate electricity.

Solar street lights are latest technology that are powered by solar energy. Solar panels absorb the sunlight and convert the heat into electricity. This generated electricity is then used to power the LEDs/luminaries in the solar street light. These lights are best to use at any outdoor location like street, garden, open roads, etc.

There are various types of solar street lights like standard solar light, semi-integrated solar light and integrated solar street light (all-in-one). 

  1. Fully Integrated: A Fully integrated street light is also known as All in one Light. All components together in one device such as Solar Panel, Battery, and Lights. It is a completely built-up light where all components are inbuilt except for the pole.
  2. Semi-Integrated: A Semi-integrated Light comes fitted with the Panel and battery light integrated. However, the Pole needs to be fitted.

Types Of Solar Street Light

  1. Off-grid split type solar street light system
  2. Grid-tie hybrid type solar street light system
  3. Solar & wind hybrid solar street light system
  4. All-in-one solar street light system

1. Off-grid split type solar street light system In coimbatore

The vast majority of solar light projects will be implemented in areas where no power wiring exists. Solar lighting is a better option. Each pole in a split-type off-grid street light has its own unit. It is powered by a solar panel, a battery, a solar charge controller, and an LED light. In fact, you can place this device almost anywhere (with the exception of an area where has no sunlight, obviously).

2. Grid-tie hybrid type solar street light system in coimbatore

An AC/DC hybrid controller as well as an additional 100-240Vac voltage continuous power source are included in a grid-tied hybrid solar street light system.

An integrated solar and grid hybrid solution. When the battery runs out, the system prioritises solar power and switches to mains power (100-240V). The hybrid solution makes it believable and risk-free where there is a high illumination requirement but extended rainy and snow seasons in Northern regions.

3. Solar & wind hybrid solar street light system in coimbatore

By installing a wind turbine and upgrading the controller from the current off-grid split type solar street light system to a solar & wind hybrid solar street light system, we can create a solar & wind hybrid solar street light system.

This solar and wind street light harnesses both the sun and the wind’s energy. When we combine the two, we get more energy production. The wind and the sun both provide energy at different times.

Wind dominates the winter, while sunlight dominates the summer. As a result, this wind-solar hybrid street light

4. All-in-one solar street light system in coimbatore

The all-in-one solar street light is the third generation of solar lighting systems, and it is well known for its compact design that integrates all of its parts into a single unit. Which was developed for rural outdoor lighting sectors and has been popular for a few years. And it is now a very good option for professional lighting applications such as parking lots, parks, streets, main roads, and so on.

Not only was the structure upgraded, but so were the electrical and lighting systems. The all-in-one integrated solar street lights have a lot of flexibility in their systems. We could choose between off-grid solar, solar and grid hybrid, or solar and wind hybrid options by simply adding a wind turbine.

Solar Street Lights Features

  • Independent Power Source
  • Controlled dusk & discharging to pre long battery life
  • Automatic dusk to down Operation
  • Highly reliable & high-Quality Solar panels
  • Design to operate in rough Weather Condition
  • Power coated pole
  • Swimming Pools

Solar Street Lights Applications

  • Street
  • Cross Road
  • Parks
  • Gram Panchayat
  • Industrial
  • Highway Roads
  • School and College

Solar street lights provide high intensity lighting at night while consuming no electricity. These quality solar powered street lighting solutions are extremely cost-effective, best for enhancing safety, easy to install, and require no monthly fees for electricity usage. The solar LED street lights use top-quality components that last several years, your investment will keep shining continuously, every night, for a long time.


New Energy, we offer three state-of-the-art solar led street light systems. In our Supera, Brighta, and Lumina series, you’ll find high quality LED fixtures that couple with solar panels for maximum efficiency and savings. Made of hot-dipped, powder-coated, galvanized steel for the poles and Cree LEDs, these solar street lights offer reliable lighting for narrow to wide areas and can withstand a variety of harsh weather conditions.



We carry quality LED solar street light fixtures with stylistic variations for pathways, walkways, landscapes and more. With sleek, modern, and bold designs available you’ll be able to match the aesthetic you are going for. Whether your design/plan requires flood lights, spot lights, canopy lights or light bars, we provide LED street light fixtures for each. The Allta is our All-In-One LED street light fixture, another popular option for different applications such as parking lot lighting, pathway lighting and security lighting. Our solar powered LED street light fixtures use CREE LEDs to provide a wide range of lighting intensity and distribution pattern to illuminate the broadest streets for extremely high, color-accurate visibility.


Offers lumen output options for fixtures ranging from 600 lumens to a full 12,000 lumens, an extremely bright solution that illuminates subjects in clear, white light. Double up on the fixtures to see an even larger area of coverage with brighter results.


Utilizes LEDs for the best solar powered street lighting results. Every street light fixture has high CRI (color rendering index) lights to illuminate subjects and grounds in natural, clear light. LEDs are proven extremely efficient in comparison to competing light technologies (such as CFL and HPS). Other lights don’t last as long or cost as much as an LED light.