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Do Solar Water Heater Require Maintenance?

1. Periodic maintenance of solar water heaters is necessary every 3 to 5 years. Check for any kind of leakage in the pipes, tank, panels, etc as leakage is very common in these areas. Also, you need to check for loose wire connections and wires. Ensure that the panels are kept dust-free. If you find any crack in the insulation, see to it that it is replaced immediately.

2. Constant flow of water in the system leads to corrosion of heaters which, in turn, leads to the failure of solar water heaters.To keep the heater remain rust-free for longer period of time, dry it out when it is not in use. Freezing is another phenomenon that occurs in extremely cold climate. This affects the functioning of solar water heaters. Drain the collectors and pipes regularly so that the heaters don’t freeze.

3. Vegetation growth and dust accumulated on the collectors can become a cause of concern due to its continuous usage. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly.

4. If there are any plumbing issues, contact your manufacturer or local service provider to sort the problem effectively.

5. In case of hard water, scale deposits will be observed in the collectors. These can be descaled with the help of acids.

6. To prevent erosion, the exposed surfaces should be painted or redone after 2 or 3 years. Also, if there is any broken glass, ensure that it is replaced by the manufacturer, if under warranty.

How do you maintain solar panels?

Solar energy systems require periodic inspections and routine maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. Also, from time to time, components may need repair or replacement. You should also take steps to prevent scaling, corrosion, and freezing.

You might be able to handle some of the inspections and maintenance tasks on your own, but others may require a qualified technician. Work that requires going up ladders, walking on roofs, soldering or hot work, or cutting back tree limbs should be performed by a professional service for safety reasons. Ask for a cost estimate in writing before having any work done. For systems with extensive damage, it may be more cost effective to replace, shut off, or remove the solar system than to have it repaired.