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Why Is It Important to Get Your Water Purifier Serviced Regularly?

The supply of adequate safe drinking water is one of the primary prerequisites for a healthy life, but drinking water can be contaminated in several ways. The quality of drinking water should be at par with the WHO Guidelines. Boiling water can kill germs but may not work on dissolved chemical impurities like metals, pesticides, etc.

Water can be contaminated by: 

1. Chemicals that are let out from spraying crops and industrial waste.

2. Microorganisms like parasites and bacteria that enter the water from human/animal waste matter.

3. Harmful contaminants like lead or mercury can enter the water supply through old lead pipes, sometimes from natural deposits underground, or more often from improper disposal of pollutants. Even ‘lead-free’ pipes can contain as much as 8% lead.

The Relevance and Contribution of Concept Engineers in Water Purification - How to Maintain A Water Purifier Efficiently?

  • Change the Water Filter

    A professional technician should check the input water quality and depending on the type of water supplied to your house, the water filter should be changed when the need arises. The accumulated contaminants in the filters can diminish the efficiency of your water purifier, which can result in bad odor and a reduced flow rate.
  • Regular Service

    It is imperative to get regular servicing of your water purifiers, giving you the required peace of mind. You can get an Annual Maintenance from Concept Engineers that can be purchased. It will become easier for you to maintain your water purifier without any lengthy procedures or hassles.
  • Drips and leakages

    You should not ignore any drips and leakages and immediately contact your technician if you are experiencing a leak/drip with your water purifier.
  • Replacing the RO Membrane

    RO technology is widely used to purify water that has high TDS content. The life of the RO membrane in the process gets affected due to the constant absorption of several dissolved ions and impurities, resulting in foul-tasting water. This should be immediately replaced. You can contact the Concept Engineers service through a phone call.
  • Keep the Exteriors of the RO System Clean

    Apart from interior cleaning and sanitizing, you must make an effort to keep the look and exterior of your water purifier clean and attractive.

Water Purifier Spares

The filter of an RO purifier needs replacement after approximately 3 months. The reason is the contaminants from water clog the filters after a short span of time. Not cleaning the water purifier frequently will affect its filtration capacity and the quality of water. The maintenance Basic service Cost of RO water purifiers in ranges between Rs. 500 to Rs. 6000. This includes the expense of replacing the RO membrane, as well as various pre-and post-filters, the UV light, and labour.